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Aims and Values

Aims Statement


"St. Mary’s Church of England Primary School aims for personal excellence, in a secure and happy

environment with Christian values. St Mary’s School will challenge each child, nurture individuality and develop pride and respect for all."

Our aims and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.

School Ethos


St. Mary's is a school which is warm and welcoming, to parents as well as children. Whilst at

school, all of our children should feel happy and secure.


We expect children to work hard and behave well. Our School Code of Conduct is based on three key questions:


  • Is it kind ?


  • Is it sensible ?


  • Is it your best ?


We do not tolerate:


  • any disruptive or aggressive behaviour


  • racial abuse or bullying – physical, verbal or cyberbullying


We promote positive attitudes towards others and a respect for the richness of all cultures and welcome your support with this. We value everyone as individuals and celebrate all achievements.

Statement of Christian Values

Jesus said 'Love one another as I have loved you',

John 13:34-35


As a Church of England Primary School based on Christian foundations we aim to follow the teachings of Jesus by developing these core values and demonstrating them in all that we do;


Friendship through being a welcoming, caring inclusive school in which we can all feel valued and grow in confidence.


Love and compassion as God showed his love to us through Jesus and by showing how much we care for others by supporting them and praying for them.


Respect by valuing everyone as individuals, celebrating our similarities and differences and accepting that we will not always agree with each other but showing respect towards each other none the less. Respecting our own property and property that belongs to our school.


Perseverance by working hard with determination and resilience, even when faced with difficult challenges; reflecting on our short comings and disappointments honestly.


Having the courage to say ‘no’ when everyone else wants you to do something you don’t want to do; the courage to stick to a task even when it is difficult; the courage to do something for the very first time or the courage to stand by your beliefs when other people laugh at you.


Thankfulness by remembering to say thank you for those things or those people that are often taken for granted. Thankfulness demonstrated by using excellent manners in and around school

We believe that staff, parents and visitors of St. Mary’s can contribute to actively helping children develop their understanding of these values. They can be promoted in various ways by:-

  • Modelling the values directly;
  • Setting appropriate boundaries for children’s behaviour;
  • Showing empathy and understanding of children;
  • Listening to children;
  • Linking the values to acts of Collective Worship and thus encourage whole school  reflection of positive behaviours
  • Showing respect and understanding to everyone in the school community;
  • Providing feedback in an informative way to children;
  • Using positive consequences to encourage the learning of appropriate behaviour;
  • Using negative consequences to discourage the learning of inappropriate behaviour;


Children may be rewarded with a certificate in celebration assembly for living out the Christian

values in school.