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Information Technology / Computing

Computing Policy 2019

At St Marys C of E Primary school we aim to create motivated life-long learners through the use of ICT to enhance learning and teaching. Education in the 21st Century is preparing children for a future in which ICT is a rapidly changing, integral part of society and therefore it is our aim to ensure that our children develop these necessary skills. We aim for all learners to be safe, confident and independent in their use of ICT to solve problems across the curriculum.


In our Foundation stage, we use Switched on ICT in the Early Years, an ICT scheme that delivers the statutory curriculum for Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) ICT. The activities have been developed in line with the new Statutory Framework for the EYFS and associated guidance material, with the focus of each activity supporting and enhancing at least one aspect of the prime or specific learning areas.

The topics the children complete, include:

  • We are designers
  • We can drive
  • We have confidence
  • We are DJs
  • We are shape makers

…and many more!


In KS1 and KS2, ICT is taught in line with the current National Curriculum. We use Switched on to ICT, an ICT scheme that delivers the statutory curriculum. The activities have been developed for separate year groups and therefore the topics will be taught on a 2 year rolling programme.

The programmes of study for ICT group the knowledge, skills and understanding that children require into themes. We teach these themes through discrete skills-based lessons.

Some of the programmes of study include:

Year 1

  • We are TV Chefs
  • We are storytellers

Year 2

  • We are astronauts
  • We are zoologists

Year 3

  • We are programmers
  • We are bug fixers

Year 4

  • We are meteorologists
  • We are musicians

Year 5

  • We are cryptographers
  • We are architects

Year 6

  • We are app planners
  • We are interface designers


We also endeavour to embed these skills into the wider curriculum, with ICT being used throughout all topics. It is certainly the case that ICT capability is best developed when there is a real reason both to develop and apply a particular aspect of ICT.

As technology develops we will continue to develop our ICT vision.