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Year 3 and 4

We are thrilled to see how much  the children from Years  3/4 are doing at home. We are pleased to show that learning is continuing and here are a variety of children doing a variety of activities. Perhaps after viewing these photographs it might inspire you to try something new.

Week beginning 6.7.20

Some more photographs of the sports challenges and an example of a worry doll that has been very recently made.

Week beginning 22/06/20
A fantastic rain forest piece of work.
Results are in for the sport's week events. 
Practising using inverted commas, summarising a story, handwriting and creating a new ending for a story!! Superb work smiley

Enjoying the sports activities in the sun.

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Working hard!!

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Busy playing dominoes and monopoly, looking after Murphy the labradoodle, finding birds eggs, making a bird feeder, gardening, rescuing a baby wren that fell into the potato grow bags and lots of reading! Phew!

A fantastic week full of sports!

Water balloon fun on a sunny day!

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having lots of fun taking part in sports.

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Some motivation for all of you!! Great fun taking part in the Virtual Sports Week. 


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Here is an example of some pressed flowers and an amazing drawing of a robin!
You are certainly keeping busy with gymnastics, a walk to see our amazing self-portraits and a spot of den building.
It is always nice to take learning further ... a trip to the seaside and eating unusual fruit.

A fantastic metaphor poem - some good vocabulary.

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Lots of work here - pressing flowers and using them as part of a fantastic spring picture, worksheets, a colourful memory box and a cake that looks yummy!

Here is some fantastic work about Bembo's Zoo.
After looking carefully and keeping a tally chart of the birds visiting our gardens, here is a fantastic sketch of a house sparrow.

Very neat writing about a clever cat 🐈 that’s been copied this into a lovely triangle shape

A fantastic collage showing the colours of spring.

A great piece of writing.

Listen to a fantastic explanation!


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What a lovely poem! 

A beautiful bunch of flowers 💐

Week Beginning 8/6/20

Practising reasoning skills in maths and explaining opinions in reading.

An Ode to Carrots and a spelling test. Keep working hard!

Using the kitchen to do some practical maths.

A lovely walk in the country spotting birds and saying hello to the horse.

Superb Maths achievement this week! 
Week beginning 1/6/20

Some excellent English work here including a fabulous poem about a cinnamon bun- yummy! You should feel very proud of this work!

Another Treasure Box full of memories- well done!

An extremely busy time entering Blue Peter competitions, having a Harry Potter themed week, making huge bubbles, writing stories, entering a drawing world record attempt and tie dying a t-shirt!

Lots of work going on here but there's still time to enjoy the sunshine!

Have you ever read an  'Ode To An Apple Crumble'? Well here is your chance to.

Could you have a go yourselves?

 Great work practising handwriting and working towards a pen license! 

An amazing treasure box to insire you.

Week beginning 18/5/20
Getting out and about in the spring sunshine.

A great picture of a Mayan god. Lots of information about it too - well done.

It's great to see another portrait for the school gates. Take a walk past school and take a look.

A fabulous Mayan mask made using paper collage and sequins. Very bright!

Lots of different types of learning here. Playing shop,computer based work. cooking  and a fantastic Mayan mask too.
Here is another brilliant timeline !
Helping with the hovering and posting the self portrait.
More fantastic Mayan masks! It's always great to be creative and experiment with siblings. 
Week beginning 11/5/20

A timeline with some interesting information about WW2- great work!

A brilliant timeline all about World War 2!

An extremely fierce looking Mayan mask!

A super timeline of the Queen, VE Day bunting and some very intricate sequin art. A very crafty week!

Baking, slime making and lots of times tables! Well done boys.

Lots of work on VE day, including a timeline of World War Two. More portraits for school too!

Another busy week. A timeline of video games!

It is good to see the self portraits are coming in now. If you have not created one yet, then please do and post it to the school.
There has been a lot of school work happening but there is always time for chocolate cake !
Lots of important maths and science learning happening here- keep up the good work!
It is great to see how much is being achieved whilst studying the Mayan civilisation. Here are some great examples of  a  Mayan mask and Mayan temple.
Lots of different activities here - computer work and VE cakes and bunting ready for a mini celebration!
VE day photographs with sausage burning on a camp fire, a fantastic  den and bag pipes being played in celebration !
Week beginning: 04/05/20

The adults in year 3/4 have had a go at making Mayan Masks too:

I spent a fabulous afternoon getting crafty and using up the contents of my recycling box, some wrapping paper and lots of glue!

Another adult Mayan mask .
Cooking and English, what a great combination!
The Mayan masks are coming in now. Make one and add to the gallery. Here is another great design to inspire you.

A lovely colour scheme!

Designing, measuring and sewing a patchwork cushion for Bob the dog. Lots of skills being used here!

English, Maths and a super Mayan mask. Lovely ideas!

Mayan mask!

A really scary Mayan mask!

Working on Maths, English and decorations for VE Day.

It is always good to share a book with a younger brother or sister.
Another fantastic mask and Mayan temple to inspire you.

What a great mask using lots of green paper with a contrast of yellow for the nose.

Wonderful topic work here of a colourful Mayan mask, a detailed Mayan temple and an excellent water filtration system- well done!

Week beginning 27/4/20:

Wow lots of English work here- it’s fantastic to see so much effort being put in. Excellent Mayan temple too- well done!

A detailed Mayan temple with an excellent description.

Another good example of a water filtration system.

1/5/20 Another busy week including: moving pictures, a storyboard, exploring and ice creations. Looks like fun!

30/4/20 A fast moving story - well done!



A super owl creation inspired by the artist Franz Marc.

Everyone likes a home baked cake and this chocolate one looks really tasty!

  What a range of activities taking place at home! Lots of gardening, baking, sewing, writing and using the laptop to build on ICT skills. Those Marshmallows look yummy!
It is always good to see a range of activities and even some sewing is happening at home. Such neat stitches !
Concentrating hard on lots of different learning.

There's a new chef in town! These bakes look yummy!

A Mayan Temple made from lego. Well done.

A Mayan Temple and making good use of a door for home learning!

A water filter made using gravel. Great teamwork boys!


Some more amazing maths and English work.

Why don't you look at the home learning page if you have not done so already ?


Getting involved in some outside maths.

Planting seeds in the sun.
What a fantastic chalk design !

Week beginning 20/4/20:


Enjoying the sunshine and bug hunting.

Baking, colouring and face painting - what fun!

Bread making - yum!

Like so many children around the country Joe Wicks and his morning exercises are proving popular !
Lots of learning takes place in activities that do not need a computer or paper.

Lots of Maths going on here and a scary troll!

Researching Roald Dahl and reading 'Boy' in order to produce a fantastic non-chronological report.

Busy spending time outside, painting stones and building with lego.

Exercising with Joe Wicks, completing maths puzzles, sewing a fantastic cat and using the sewing machine to sew along a line. Lots of concentration needed!

A detailed drawing of a Mayan temple - well done!

A good combination of written work and outside play.



Great fun in the garden and colourful Mayan Temples created using lego and blocks!

24/4/20 Making homemade fish ravioli with a butter sauce - looks tasty!


Planning a story about 'A narrow escape' using the storyboard- sounds like an exciting story.

Great work with decimals and solving word problems.




Building a Mayan Temple, gardening, baking and maths work- what a busy week! Lovely variety of activitiessmiley.

24/4/20 A week of creative writing and two fantastic Mayan Temples. Well done!

Working hard and concentrating with headphones on .
What an amazing scarecrow !
Goggles on ... gloves on ... science experiment ready !
More fantastic work with an amazing poem to be read aloud.
Always time for some creative thinking using Minecraft to build a Mayan temple.