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Year 5 and 6

We are really pleased to see some of the amazing home learning that children in years 5 and 6 have been doing! Thank you for the photos that have been sent in already.


Please email any photos to your child’s teacher:

Mr Roper  

Ms Parry  

Mr Cramp  

Mrs Chamberlain

Rosie has been using old socks for sewing and also making slime and clay too

Alfie's Mars Rover

Alfie has been exploring where his food comes from and has worked out which has travelled the furthest.

Rosie has been doing some bird watching in her garden

Tilly’s excellent art work

Tilly has done the carrot experiment and taken photos of each stage of the experiment to show the results. Well done Tilly!

Year 6 in Raleigh Class have been creating their own Tudor house. Have a look at the different stages of completion below.

Learning new skills at home - fishing and making a wildlife feature in the garden

A great paper tower

A fantastic start here. A useful diary, to help keep track of the plants and how they grow too.

A bright, colourful and useful display of national flags

A virtual cooking and tea party meeting - what a fabulous idea!

Another superb A to Z photo challenge - well done!!!

Wow - a completed A to Z photo challenge! What a super star!

What an amazing Glockenheim clock tower!

A wonderful attempt at Mr Roper's A to Z photo challenge!!!!

Some outstanding gymnastics skills

Electronic art - a rainbow created on an iPad by Tilly

Keeping busy with jigsaws and making a face of stuffing!

Very careful colouring for some mindfulness

Some excellent photo collages by Logan!

She has been really busy doing lots of exciting things with her home learning! Well done!
Rosie has produced this superb piece of art for a Tim Burton character. Well done Rosie 
Calum created this brilliant clock tower on Minecraft. Calum’s clock tower contains gardens, a farm area and inner Parliamentary chambers!
Well done Calum!

Since the weather has been so glorious we have tried to do more outside activities. Their Aunty and Uncle tasked them with building a scarecrow for their allotment. He has been practicing his golf in the garden. He’s also been keeping the dogs occupied with plenty of ball games. A bit of scooting to burn off some energy. The kids did an amazing job of helping me build the new trampoline. This has been amazing for burning off excess energy whilst keeping them outdoors, active and off their devices. The ice cream man paid a visit and the kids learnt how to social distance outside of the home whilst adding up the prices and working out how much change we needed.

Calum has produced this superb green photo collage - can anybody else beat Calum's attempt and find more than 36 items of one colour for their photo collage??!!
Using amazing DIY skills to build a hedgehog home!
Conducting a condensation and evaporation experiment. He made ‘rain’ inside a jar, using boiling water and ice cubes. Well done!!!!

A positive message for all.

Solving maths puzzles is good for your mental health and practising your times tables is still crucial for future learning.

They have been very busy. Every morning they have enjoyed PE with Joe Wicks! They have enjoyed going on some lovely dog walks as the weather has been beautiful!
They’ve participated in the Lego challenge and they've even dyed their hair!
They have made a pizza from scratch as well as making a daily batch of biscuits!
They’ve enjoyed their science lessons with Maddie Moate on YouTube.
They’ve especially enjoyed keeping in touch with their friends through online gaming and phone calls.