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At St Mary’s, we encourage children to think mathematically by giving them a variety of different practical, ICT based and paper based maths activities. As well as ensuring that children are competent and confident at calculating mentally and with written methods, we give children opportunities to carry out investigations and solve problems.


The children have loved using 'Times Tables Rock Stars' to improve the rapid recall of their multiplication and associated division facts. They are all desperate to improve their 'Rock Status', with the ultimate aim of being a 'Rock Hero' - answering each question in less than one second per question!!!


To ensure that children can calculate accurately, we use a range of written calculation strategies (which can be viewed on this website) which progress from one year group to the next so that children understand each strategy, rather than simply showing them how to use each strategy. We feel that this will help the children to use, apply and remember each strategy successfully. Children practise each written strategy frequently to ensure that they can use them fluently and efficiently.


Children do lots of activities to improve their mental calculation techniques, so that they can calculate quickly and accurately. We also place a high emphasis on the importance of understanding place value and the counting system. In addition to this, children are encouraged to learn their number bonds and multiplication / division facts securely to apply these in a variety of areas of maths.


We feel that having opportunities to solve problems and investigate by working collaboratively with other children really helps children’s mathematical understanding. 

Written calculation policy

Children across the school have been working really hard to improve their mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. Take a look at what they've been up to:

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Take a look at some of the amazing maths work our children did during 2016/2017 academic year:


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