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Year 3 & 4

Our topic is...                               Blue Abyss

Grab your wetsuit! We're going deep into an underwater world of incredible coral and mysterious sea creatures.


As we cross the mighty oceans, we will meet the inspirational people that have made an important impact and even have a go at crafting our own creations.







Flippers on?


Snorkel ready?


Let's head into the blue abyss...  









What do you think will happen in this story?

Who do you think the main characters are?

Immersive Classroom Display


Since the beginning of term we have been immersing ourselves in our class reads.

In each classroom there is an amazing inspirational display that has been taken from each of the texts. 




Year 3/4 are expected to complete reading, spelling, and times tables homework every week.


Reading: 5 reads every week.

Children are expected to record five reads into their reading record with an adult signature next to every read.                    READING DIARIES ARE DUE IN ON WEDNESDAYS.


Maths: Times-Tables

At the end of Year 4, children are expected to know all their multiplication facts, up to 12 x 12.
You will be given a times table grid to fill out weekly to help you learn your times tables.
                                       MATHS HOMEWORK IS DUE IN ON WEDNESDAYS.




Spellings: Learn your list of spellings every week.

Your child will be given a spelling book with their weekly spellings stuck in. Each week will follow a spelling rule. The National Curriculum spellings expected of Year 3/4 can be found here.



Optional Homework:

Children are more than welcome to request more activities for home! 
They have the choice of...

Topic Project 

Time to get crafty!
Children will have three options
to choose from, all linked
to our current topic.




ActiveLearn Maths

Additional maths games with your abacus account can be requested from your maths teacher.








Tuesday 7th February was E-safety day and the children were reminded about why it is important, and how to stay safe online and on mobile devices. Here is the PowerPoint the children were shown:

More information about how to keep your child safe online can be seen in this leaflet below.


Helpful Links:

National Curriculum - Spellings