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Year 3 & 4

Welcome to Year 3/4

Our new topic is...                         A Child's War


A siren sounds, a building crumbles, a Spitfire zooms overhead. Take cover! It’s 1939 and Britain is at war. Deep down in the Anderson shelter, learn why nations are fighting and why child evacuees must make the long journey from their homes and families into unknown territory.  







Summer Term. Year 3/4 classroom immersive corners based on the popular book 'The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe'

In English, we will be reading and studying a book by C.S.Lewis:
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe.


Image result for 101 dalmatians book cover



What do you think will happen in this story?

Who do you think the main characters are?

Immersive Classroom Display


Since the beginning of term we have been immersing ourselves in our class reads.


In each key stage 2 classroom there is an amazing inspirational display that has been taken from each of the texts.  See year 5/6 page for their scene.



Food for Life Growing



Tuesday 7th February was E-safety day and the children were reminded about why it is important, and how to stay safe online and on mobile devices. Here is the PowerPoint the children were shown:

More information about how to keep your child safe online can be seen in this leaflet below.



Year 3/4 are expected to complete reading, spelling, English and Maths homework every week. Children who do not complete homework will catch up during a lunchtime detention.


Reading: 5 reads every week.

Children are expected to record five reads into their reading record with an adult signature next to every read. An example can be found below of the expectations for reading diaries.




Maths: Times-Tables and an ActiveLearn activity.

At the end of Year 4, children are expected to know all their multiplication facts, up to 12 x 12. Your child will be told which times table they are focusing on by their Maths teacher and which day they will be tested.


Every Wednesday, your child will be set an ActiveLearn activity to complete on the ActiveLearn website. Your child has been given their username, password and the school code on a bookmark to keep at home.

Log onto to view your weekly activity!

Active Learn  homework is set on Wednesdays.



Spellings: Learn your list of spellings every week.

Your child will be given a booklet listing all the spellings they will be tested on throughout the year. Each week, they will be focusing and tested on a certain page in their spelling booklet. 


The National Curriculum spellings expected of Year 3/4 can be found in the document below.



English: Task to complete in their homework book.

Every week, in your child's homework book there will be a English based activity to complete.


National Curriculum - Spellings

Reading record example:

Reading record example: 1
Helpful Links: