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History is taught from Foundation Stage through to Year six using a creative, cross curricular approach based on the National Curriculum programmes of study. Our History teaching focuses on enabling children to think as historians. We use historical artefacts, primary and secondary sources, ICT, visits to sites of historical significance and we invite visitors into school to talk about their experiences of events in the past.


In Foundation Stage, children will begin to gain an understanding of history and chronology relating to themselves and their lives. They will also begin to understand a history beyond their lives where they delve into the world of castles, kings and queens and discover facts about dinosaurs!


Building on this experience through their topic work in Year one and two children will cover toys of the past and famous events such as ‘The great fire of London’. They will also deepen their knowledge of Castles, learn about local history and the life of Beethoven during their "Beat, band and Boogie" topic. 


Children in Year three and four will deepen their knowledge and understanding of invaders and settlers linked to Britain by studying the Romans, Saxons and Vikings. They will also learn about World War 2 and experience life during the war at a residential trip to Beaumanor Hall. They will experience musical history of the 20th century and also learn about Native American history.


In Year five and six children will look at the Ancient Greeks and how World War I impacted on Britain in the early 20th century. They will also learn about Victorian Britain and the impact The Black Death had on the country during "Peasants, Princes and Pestilence" topic.