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Year 3 & 4


         Blyton             Cadbury             Jobs
  Mrs Talbot             Mrs Malin              Mrs  Pegley

                                                           Miss Rajpara

If you would like to contact your child's teacher please email directly:

Also within year 3/4 are:

Mrs Hemsley (TA)

Mrs Newton (TA)

Miss Malin (TA)

Mrs Stanley (HLTA)


New School Year

 2020 - 2021

Welcome Back! Here is some information about your first day back. We will be sharing this with the children on the first two days they are in.


Blyton Class


Please view our photos of your new Blyton classroom


We are looking forward to seeing you all 






Hello from Jobs class! We are looking forward to meet you.

Welcome to Cadbury class. We can't wait to see you!

Home Learning Activities
Here are some maths ideas and links to various websites to support home learning.
We have allocated some videos and games on Active Learn so your child could watch these and complete the games to earn coins for their profile.

Whilst you are at home, keep a diary of what you do.

Make it as imaginative as possible, things you could include:

  • Film reviews
  • TV program reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Recipes
  • Instructions on a model that you've made
  • Instructions for games (or invent a new game)
  • Still life drawing
  • Dance routines
  • Weather report
  • You could write in different fonts or different styles


You could also practise the yoga you have been learning. 

You could download Toontastic (the App we have been using in Computing).

Look for different rocks in your garden, could you look for information about rocks on the internet.

Can you sew something...?



Spring Term 2020


This term we will be focusing on,


the world famous novel,


101 Dalmatians




Topic Work


As part of our topic work, we are looking at

'Leisure in the 20th Century'.


We have created a colourful and interactive display 

to show how times have changed.  


Our 101  Dalmatians

Immersive Classroom Displays








Spring Term



Maths: We will be learning about place value, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. We will be learning about 2D and 3D shapes. 

We will also be strengthening our times tables knowledge.


English: We will be reading 101 Dalmatians, identifying the meanings of unfamiliar words and

re-writing parts of the story in our own words.



Science: We will be learning about rocks, soils and fossils.


DT: We will be designing and making felt egg cosies.

History:We will be learning about Leisure in the twentieth century including aspects of film, sport, holidays, music and TV.






During the Autumn term, our focus was...    Charlotte's Web


     written by E.B. White 



Charlotte's Web Creative Homework


We have been blown away by the amazing homework projects that the

children have brought into school.


Thank you for your support








Immersive Classroom Displays


Since the beginning of term we have been immersing ourselves in our class read.

In each classroom there is an amazing inspirational display that has been taken from this terms book      Charlotte's Web

Blyton Class Immersive Corner

Cadbury Class Immersive Corner

Jobs Class Immersive Corner






Our Wonderful Classroom Book Corners







Our Current Christian Value is Perseverance


We have some wonderful displays in year 3/4




(more pictures to follow)










Year 3/4 are expected to complete reading, spelling 

and times tables homework every week.


Reading: 5 reads every week.

Children are expected to record five reads into their reading record with an adult signature next to every read.                    


                                     READING DIARIES ARE DUE IN ON WEDNESDAYS.





At the end of Year 4, children are expected to know all their multiplication facts, up to 12 x 12.
You will be given a times table book to fill out weekly to help you learn your times tables.









Learn your list of spellings every week.

Your child will be given a list of their spellings to learn each week.

 The National Curriculum spellings expected of Year 3/4 can be found here.





Optional Homework:

Children are more than welcome to request more activities for home! 
They have the choice of...

Topic Project 

Time to get crafty!
Children will have three options
to choose from, all linked
to our current topic.




ActiveLearn Maths

Additional maths games with your abacus account can be requested from your maths teacher.







Looking back at the wonderful work year 3/4 have produced.

R.E. week


We enjoyed learning about the Trinity and the importance of the Gospel in telling the stories of Jesus.


The children loved making fidget spinners, showing the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the Trinity.


We created a display of stained glass windows and stories from the Gospels.






In R.E. we are also learning about the Lord's Prayer and the history of the Lord's prayer.

We have researched and written some of our own versions.


(Pictures to follow)

R.E. displays in the hall

To celebrate Remembrance Day, Year 3 /4 made poppies for our corridor.

The whole school contributed to this fantastic display.




Remembrance day - Our School Corridor

Our FANTASTIC Year 3/4 Homework projects!

More information about how to keep your child safe online can be seen in this leaflet below.


Helpful Links:

National Curriculum - Spellings