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Year 5 & 6

Welcome to Years 5 and 6. Your child will be in one of three classes-Cadbury Class, Irwin Class or Shakespeare Class. Below you will find lots of information to support your child's learning journey this year and lots of photos of learning in action. 

Summer Term 2024

Using a protractor was quite a challenge for year 5 recently.  Measuring acute, obtuse and reflex angles was fun once we became confident on how to use the apparatus.  After a short time, we were soon experts. Roll on year 6!



Roll up, roll, up the circus came to town!

In our current novel, Jim Jarvis, the Victorian ragamuffin, visits the circus and experiences a variety of circus acts.  We had great fun creating a poster using persuasive language and presenting it in an attractive way. 

The Circus is Coming!

To compliment last half term's learning about the Victorians, to make the most of the glorious weather, we practised our skipping skills whilst enjoying the early morning sun.

Focussing on 'pitch' this Summer term in music, we have been learning the notes of the stave and having fun making up words and then creating our own compositions from the C major scale.  We enjoyed  listening to A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra by Benjamin Britten. 

For Earth Day we made seed bombs.  This let us think about enhancing the local environment around Hinckley.  Each child made a seed bomb from compost, wild flower seeds and clay. Even though it was a dirty activitiy a great time was had by all. Watch out for new flowers!

We've had some 'bloomin' lovely lessons in Art this term.  We began by observational drawing of a flower without taking the pencil off the paper - this was tricky!  We moved on to seeing how we could manipulate a piece of white paper. We discovered that it could be rolled, scrunched, torn and folded to name a few. All classes are enjoying these lessons. 

Spring Term 2024

We enjoyed taking part in our pancake race. Tossing the pancake up to ten times was quite a challenge.

Shrove Tuesday

Since returning to school after Christmas we have been working hard in Years 5/6. We are enjoying reading 'Clockwork' by Philip Pullman and have produced some amazing writing including a persuasive leaflet and a biography.




We had an interesting walk to Hinckley Train Station looking for signs that showed it was built during the Victorian Era. Looking at the brick work and intricate patterns above the window areas made this easy. On our way back to school we walked around the roads close to the school and found many examples of Victorian terraced housing.

Victorian Trail


 In our Maths lessons we have been using practical equipment to help us understand ratio and proportion.


In Science we have been studying how we see and how the eye works. We managed to complete several practical activities using mirrors and torches.

SATs Power point January 2024

Autumn Term 2

It has been a long and fruitful half term and we have continued to work hard. We hope that you enjoy seeing some of the learning and experiences that we have been involved with.

As Geographers we have been studying the UK. Focusing on rivers, cities and the seas that surround the UK have resulted in some interesting conversations and atlas work.


In our RE week, along with the rest of the school, we focused on the Creation Story.

Maths is an important part of our morning learning. We spend two or three sessions a week practising our times tables knowledge with Times Tables Rock Stars. We use Power Maths for most of the week but recently we have been engaged in Christmas problem solving.


In music/PE, we have looked at different genres of performance. This is one of the Hakas that we have made up and performed.

The Haka

Sponsored Event - Amy Smith

Early this half term we were lucky enough to have an Olympic athlete among us. Amy Smith, who is an Olympic Swimmer, came to visit the school. We felt very privileged to train along side her and complete several circuits under her leadership.

Sponsored Event

Live Advent

As part of our Live Advent we were thrilled when Glow In The Dark Dodgeball was booked for us to participate in. We love having face paint on that glows in the dark with music playing extra loudly as we try to hit our opponents with fluorescent dodgeballs. Great fun was had by all !

Glow in the Dark Dodgeball

Slime - a STEM Challenge

As part of  a STEM challenge we have been making slime. It was not an easy task and we had varying degrees of success but every one of us took home something at the end of the day. We are sure our parents and carers liked seeing what we had created!

We are now studying a new novel by Philip Pullman called Clockwork.  Here are the new immersive corners in our classrooms. We use our corners in drama activities as they help us to step inside the book.

Autumn Term 1 2023

We have been working very hard since the beginning of term so we would like to share with you just a snippet of what we have been learning about.


In science we have been finding out about Healthy Bodies. We have looked at what makes a balanced diet, how the circulatory system and our muscles work and discussed the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and drugs. 

In History we have been studying the Atlantic Slave Trade

During this term we have been concentrating on writing instructions in English.

Since the start of term, year 5/6 have had lots of different experiences during their school day. Please take a look. 

As part of studying Stig of the Dump, we found out how to light a fire safely and then we wrote a set of instructions. 

Look at this term's amazing Book corners and immersive corners.

Come inside...