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Year 1 & 2

Welcome to Year 1 and 2. Your child will be in one of three classes-Gaudi Class, Picasso Class or Teresa Class. Below you will find lots of information to support your child's learning journey this year and lots of photographs of learning in action. 

Look at some of the exciting things we have been learning about in Years 1 and 2

Summer Term 2023

Warwick Castle Trip

Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a fantastic trip to Warwick Castle. The weather was lovely and it was a great addition to our Castles topic. We witnessed the firing of the trebuchet and had an interesting tour around the different rooms of the castle. After a picnic, we watched the 'Falconer's Quest' which was an amazing show with many birds of prey. The children loved seeing them swoop over their heads. Finally, we finished off in the Zog playground which was definitely a big hit! 

Summer Feast

Year 1 and 2 children enjoyed taking part in our Summer Feast afternoon. We made potato salad by chopping potatoes and cucumber, snipping fresh herbs and mixing it all together with mayonnaise. They loved taking part in the activity - especially the eating part! Thank you to all the parents who came and helped support our afternoon.

Our continuous provision areas for our History unit on Castles

Our Immersive Corners for the book "Jack and the Beanstalk" by Carol Ottolenghi.

The children can imagine being inside Jack's house, about to climb the huge beanstalk or sitting around the giant's table in the castle.

Our History topic this half term is…Castles!

The children have really enjoyed learning about the first castles in the UK and why they were built. They enjoyed seeing a scaled down version of the Bayeux Tapestry - it nearly went round the whole classroom! They learnt about the Battle of Hastings between Harold and William and the start of the Norman conquest!


To find out more about the Bayeux Tapestry, click on these links :

Bayeux Museum


YouTube animated Bayeux Tapestry

The children's interpretations of the Bayeux Tapestry

Spring Term 2023

We were lucky to experience coaching sessions from Leicestershire County Cricket Club. Jay was an excellent coach and the children learnt a lot!

We welcomed Alexander to our school who came in to play his violin to Year 1 and 2! It was wonderful!

Now Press Play - We enjoyed going on an exciting adventure with Florence Nightingale.

World Book Day 2023

The children in Teresa, Gaudi and Picasso classes all really enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day. They sang nursery rhymes in singing assembly and took part in lots of fun activities such as a book scavenger hunt and drawing ‘selfies’ as different characters from books! 

Beaumanor Hall 7th - 8th February 2023

We had another fantastic trip to Beaumanor Hall with our Year 2 children. On the first day, we took part in nature activities including a bird trail, a mini-beast hunt and pond dipping. After a lovely evening meal, the children played some team games in the Sports Hall. The next day, we helped Robin Hood and his Merry Men build a village! The children were brilliant at using what they could find in the woods to build different shelters. Finally, before we made our way back to school, we had a go at archery and played a tactical game in the woods called Stealth and Conquer. The children were very well behaved throughout the trip and did us proud!

The children in Year 2 wrote some amazing recounts about our time at Beaumanor Hall

Safer Internet Day 6th February 2023

We considered Internet Safety by thinking about how we feel when we see something we don’t like online. We listened to the story of ‘Hanni and the Magic Window’. We drew round children and labelled how our body feels when we feel uncomfortable. We then thought about who we would speak to if we felt like that.

Year 1 and 2 Art

This half term the children have been enjoying looking carefully at birds and mark making and drawing to create feather designs. They looked at the patterns in real bird feathers and tried to replicate this using sketching pencils, charcoal and pastels. The children were inspired by the artist Andrea Butler who uses birds in a lot of her masterpieces.
The end result will be creating a 3D model of a bird out of 2D images…we can’t wait to show you the end results! For now please enjoy our experimental processes in these pictures! 🦉🦅


Our beautiful bird sculptures

Our Classrooms

Miss Hewins and Miss Rizzo have been working very hard on setting up areas for Continuous Provision in our classrooms. They include activities that support the children’s learning and are the same across all three classes. The children are really enjoying using them to consolidate their knowledge and skills. 

Our new subject areas for Continuous Provision.

Completing Continuous Provision activities

‘Our Wonderful World’ Geography work

Papa Piccolo

This Spring 2023, we have been reading the book, Papa Piccolo, by Carol Talley. It is set in Venice and is the story of a cat who discovers two mischievous kittens. He grows to love them and teaches them how to enjoy adventures in the streets and canals of Venice.

Our wonderful writing about Papa Piccolo

Take a look at our Immersive Corners for Papa Piccolo!

Autumn Term 2022

On Friday 18th November, Year 1 and 2 children completed their sponsored walk for Children in Need. Dressed in spotty clothes, we did three laps of Argent’s Mead.

Children busy using their senses to describe autumn objects

Year 1 and 2 went on an Autumn Walk this week. We used our senses to carefully observe the environment.

Creating a collage of Elmer showing that it is good to be different.

Creating a toy timeline in our History lesson

Commando Joe's "Routes to Resilience" - building bridges for Goldilocks to get to the Three Bears House.

Creating paper collages in our art lessons

Learning to greet each other in Spanish

Greeting everyone with the word Hola!

Still image for this video

Gaudi Class


Still image for this video

Picasso Class


Still image for this video

Teresa Class

African drumming workshop