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Children's Mental Health Week February 2022

Wellbeing at St Mary's

“Come to me, all you who are weary, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28

Vision Statement

At St Mary’s, we are passionate about creating a culture of resilience, positive wellbeing and mental health and are committed to working together with pupils, staff and parents to help build a healthy, calm and happy school.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to create an environment that promotes emotional wellbeing and allows everyone to dream, believe achieve and flourish in our school community.

Wellbeing Documents

What are we currently doing?

We are well on our way to improving the long term mental health and wellbeing of our pupils, staff and parents. Below you will find a list of some of the things we have introduced;


  • Weekly yoga classes for pupils across the whole school.
  • “Feelings Charts” in our classrooms to encourage pupils to express their emotions.
  • On a monthly basis, a wellbeing report is included in the school newsletter.
  • Mindful meditation in the classroom and calming music during lesson time..
  • Whole school worships to raise awareness of issues that may impact our pupils mental health or wellbeing, and how they can address them.
  • Wellbeing Board for staff which allows colleagues to express gratitude for one another and find useful resources.
  • Children's Wellbeing notice board supporting '5 Ways of Wellbeing'.
  • Children have enjoyed taking part in our daily skip challenges with their classmates and teachers.
  • We have dressed up and taken part in a children's mental health day at school.
  • Mr Bond's Virtual Challenges
  • Active Travel To School Initiative
  • Wellbeing Change Team   

The Change Team

As a first step towards promoting Wellbeing to the whole school community, a 'Change Team' was appointed.  Not only are they responsible for coordinating the process of achieving the Wellbeing Award for Schools, but key to integrating a collaborative whole-school approach to emotional wellbeing and mental health.   What makes the 'Change Team' so special, is that the group is made up of both staff, pupils and parents.  With this the team can address a range of areas within the whole school community, plus the shared wisdom of this group will be a key source of insight into the best ways forward.

Our future plans

For St Mary’s, the Wellbeing Award for Schools is a long term commitment to ensure the continuous wellbeing of our pupils, parents and staff. Over the coming months, we will strive towards achieving this award and will ensure that mental health and wellbeing becomes an integral part of daily life at St Mary’s.

We will ensure to keep you informed of our progress on this webpage and via the monthly newsletters.

Support Services


Useful links

The links below are provided to support you and signpost you to relevant resources that you may find helpful;


Children in Need 

Supporting children and young people through the pandemic.  For further information visit the website