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Religious Education

Here at St Mary's we follow the Understanding Christianity scheme and the Leicestershire County agreed syllabus.


Understanding Christianity.

We aim to develop pupils' understanding of Christianity by reflecting and evaluating their own growing understanding of religion and belief in themselves, the world and human experience. We introduce the 'Big Story' which allows the children to identify eight core concepts through the Bible. These are:

  • God
  • Creation
  • Fall
  • People of God
  • Incarnation
  • Gospels
  • Salvation
  • Kingdom of God

Throughout their time at St Mary's children will revisit the concepts a number of times.


Leicestershire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2016 - 2021

We aim to develop children's understanding of a range of religions and the impact of these beliefs on individuals and the wider world. We encourage pupils to ask questions and also show respect for other people's views and opinions.

Pupils are able to link their understanding of St Mary's Christian Values to how they behave outside of school now and for their future life.


RE week


As a school, we spent a week studying the core concept of 'God'. These are the questions we investigated:

  • Foundation - Why is the word 'God' so important to Christians? 
  • Year 1/ 2 - What do Christians believe God is like?
  • Year 3 / 4 - What is the Trinity?
  • Year 5 / 6 - What does it mean if God is holy and loving?

At the end of the week, we shared what we had learned to the rest of the school.